The meeting of Vašek Hořák and Martin Vintra at the Prague Conservatory led to the establishment of the band. Martin Vintr has just renamed the band from the original InSactious name (the name of the first idea invented by Vašek in 2010) to InAction.


On November 4th, she began her first exam called InAction at Prague's Paliárka Club. Singer Ilona Vintr, bass guitarist Václav Hořák, guitarists Vít Kodeš and Martin Vintr and drummer Vojtěch Hýbl.


Martin leaves the band and replaces guitarist Juan Hernandez. He leaves the band later and guitarist Petr Svoboda comes to his place, who records 4 demos with the band in the spring. On May 17, they have their first concert at the Karmelfest festival in Mladá Boleslav. In September, Petr Svoboda leaves and Tomáš Král starts playing with the band. This year they are starting to show up at the festivals and also try the Silvercup bands competition.


The band made more demos and more concerts and competitions this year. In June, for example, they appear at the Votvírák Festival at Kiss Delta Stage. In autumn, they sign up for Real Liga and GBOB. In both competitions, they compete in the finals among the 10 bands of the Czech Republic. After the competition, Tomáš Král and Vít Kodeš leave the band. At GBOB, the band will meet with producer Daniel Skrásek (Argema) and singer Beatrice Todorová (Abba Stars).


In the spring they begin to record their debut album in Hradec Králové. During this period the keyboardist Marek Šrámek will be added to the band. Bubeník Vojtěch Hýbl leaves the band and is replaced by Jan Strejček, who only records the drum part for the album. By the end of the year, the band still faces exchanges and search for members.


At the beginning of the year, the guitarist added Claudio and a couple of days later, drummer Pepa Rajtr joined. Claudio and Marek leave in May and Lukáš Fleischhans gets the guitar. After more than a year's pause, they are again getting to the stages...


On January 19, they release their debut album on the internet store shelves like Spotify, Google Play, Itunes, etc. New songs are also released and 13.4. there will be a baptism of the CD that officially closes their two-year work. In the autumn they release the first video for the song Prayer For Love.