The young and promising band from Prague, inspired by the 80's and 90's rock scene, are InAction! The founding members of the band, the charismatic singer Ilona Vintrová and the bass guitarist Václav Hořák, will be joined in 2017 by talented young drummer Pepa Rajtr and guitarist Lukáš Fleischhans. On the stage, however, they have been performing at the Votvírák festival since 2013 and have become finalists of the GBOB 2015 competition, the semifinalists Real Liga 2015 and the producers Daniel Skrášek and Beatrice Todorová made their debut album "Light From The Dark". They are currently working on new material they want to cast on larger stages. At the turn of the year they will go on to make new songs for the studio and also prepare concerts for next year. In the fall of this year, their first video clip for the song Prayer For Love comes out on their debut album. You surely have something to look forward to. For nothing to miss the band, watch InAction on Facebook, Instagram, Bandzone and other social networks

InAction in media


InAction got to the top of the RockZone Czech Radio ten.


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Interview on Radio Signal with Václav Hořák about his personal life and band